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Brawl breaks out in Diamondback-Dodgers game

Things turned ugly during the Los Angeles Dodgers-Arizona Diamondbacks game on Tuesday night. It started with Zach Greinke hitting Cody Ross in the fifth inning. In the 6th, Yasiel Puig was drilled in the nose by a 92 mph fastball from Ian Kennedy. The 7th inning featured a substantial bench clearing brawl after Zach Greinke hit Miguel Montero. In the bottom half of the inning, things quickly spiraled out of control after Kennedy plunked Greinke. Some GIFs from the fight.

Mark McGwire grabbing Matt Williams.

McGwirerageDon Mattingly thowing Alan Trammell down. mattingly

Mattingly’s son Preston tweeted the following after the incident.

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 1.52.56 AM

Turner Ward getting thrown into the railing. wardthrown

McGwire, Puig, Kennedy, Turner Ward and Kirk Gibson were all tossed. The Dodgers ended up winning the game, 5-3.

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