Abby Wambach Punched in Face Against Colombia -

Abby Wambach Punched in Face Against Colombia

The USA Women’s Soccer team played a scrappy game on Saturday againt Colombia. During the first half of the game, forward Abby Wambach, was running down the middle of the field before she was clocked by Colombia’s Lady Andrade.

The referee didn’t asses a foul on the play and play continued with Wambach injured on the ground for over a minute.  Wambach, however, toughened it up and stayed in the game for the USWNT, eventually scoring a goal in the second half to help USA win 3-0.

I would say this should have been a red card.

[Video via SportsGrid] [Gif @bubbaprog]


  1. YoJoLo
    July 29, 2012 - 

    They didn’t accidently cross each other’s path as Lady Andrade is claiming. Lady Andrade is making a beeline straight for her, pauses for half a second, plants her foot, twists her body and gives her a right hook. Yeah, there are tussles here and there in every game but a right out punch! LA needs to be banned for unsportsman like conduct.

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