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Intense Olympic Gymnastic Parents (Video)

Don’t parents just do the craziest things?

During the gymnastic qualifier on Sunday, this parent-freaks-out video may just be the icing on the cake.

As Aly Raisman performed, NBC got a shot of her parents, Rick and Lynn Raisman, reacting in a way that only DieHard parents would.

I’ve got to give Lynn props for this kind of sequence: “Come On Aly- Come On Aly-Come On Aly-You Got It- You Go This- Let’s Go-Let’s Go Aly-Let’s Go-Let’s Go-Let’s Go-Let’s Go-Let’s Go-Let’s Go-Come On-Yes-Detail-Come On-Handstand-Let’s GO-Come On Aly-Come On-Come On-Come On-Come On- CATCH IT- Nice- Come On-Come On-Catch-Let’s Go-Let’s Go-CATCH IT- Just The Hop-Just The Hop-Stick It-STICK IT- YEAH.”

Although it may seem over the top, I dig seeing this from the parents. The intensity and energy, it’s the spirit of the Olympics!


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