Randall Cobb takes advantage of bizarre rule -
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Randall Cobb takes advantage of bizarre rule

There’s a little known rule in the NFL, that Packers KR/WR Randall Cobb knew about and he exploited it quite well against the Titans.  The kickoff stopped at the 4, and instead of fielding it and trying to return it, he put a foot out of bounds and then fielded the ball.

The NFL’s rule regarding this type of situation or play is the same as on a fumble: If any part of a player’s body is out of bounds when he makes contact with the football, the ball is considered out of bounds as well.  This meant that when Cobb fielded the ball, the ball was technically out of bounds and that’s what resulted in the penalty and the ball being placed at the 40-yard line.

This is an absolutely outstanding play by Randall Cobb, not enough praise can be said about him.  Perhaps he could teach Stefan Logan a thing or two about kick returns.

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