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Jay Feely: Tom Brady great at making pancakes, good with women

Tom Brady is considered by many to be one of the greatest players to ever suit up on the gridiron. Not only is the three-time Super Bowl Champion and two-time NFL MVP good on the football field, he’s also great in the kitchen.

According to the his college roommate and teammate at Michigan in 1997 and ’98, Jay Feely, Brady is a great pancake chef.

“There was a summer we lived together with now-Congressman Jon Runyan. And there was always a fight about who was going to do dishes. Tommy was always good at making pancakes. We’d make him get up and make us all breakfast.”

Feely also added that Brady was one of the neat ones in the house and that he was good with the women at Michigan.

“The only inkling I had was he was good with women from his college days. So it doesn’t surprise me, his success in that department,” Feely said.

The only news here is that he’s good at making pancakes. The fact that he’s good with women is pretty obvious to the rest of us. [Via CBS Boston] [HT The Awesome Boston]

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