Stanford Band members drum on kitchen sinks and want to legalize pot -

Stanford Band members drum on kitchen sinks and want to legalize pot

The Stanford Band is notorious for doing it’s own thing and ignoring the tradition of most marching bands.  On Tuesday at the Rose Bowl, they stepped it up a notch.  They poked fun at Wisconsin by using cheese puns during their performance, drummed on kitchen sinks and wore shirts advocating for marijuana to be legalized.

ESPN anchor Scott Van Pelt summed it up pretty well:

I personally wondered why the band was able to do this, and if the University was okay with this occurring, and found this on Twitter.

Pretty interesting, I wonder how the alumni feel about the bands antics?  Perhaps they are just used to it at this point and embrace it.

[Photos via: @cjzero]

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  1. James McFarlane
    January 4, 2013 - 

    Speaking for some — and I think most — Stanford alums, having a goofy, crackpot band is a source of pride. When the band went by in the parade the other day, my tired, cold, crowd-irritated spirits soared; I thought I was going to cry tears of joy. Wisconsin’s band is exceptionally talented and very entertaining. They, like the other 99.99% of the universities, can honor John Phillip Souza all they want. If you find the LSJUMB disrespectful and silly and, like a lot of Wisconsin fans the other day at half time, get butt hurt about it — pull the stick out of your ass and get a sense of humor! I think you’re all just mad that you couldn’t come up with the idea to play a stop sign or toy xylophone in the Rose Parade.

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