Lou Holtz was very sad after Notre Dame's loss -

Lou Holtz was very sad after Notre Dame’s loss

Alabama absolutely obliterated Notre Dame in the National Championship game on Monday Night.  Former Notre Dame Head Coach Lou Holtz was completely discouraged after the loss, and was in utter disbelief.  The whole year he’s been saying that Notre Dame was the best team in the country, and he even implied that Mark May should be fired for thinking Alabama could beat Notre Dame.

He tried to find the right words to describe the 42-14 loss, but he couldn’t seem to explain what had happened.

“Alabama was really far superior. How did it happen? I really don’t know,” Holtz said

“Notre Dame never even tried to run the football consistently. If you’re going to win a championship, you gotta be able to stop the run — which Notre Dame could not — and you have to be able to run the ball, which they did not try.”

“Notre Dame did not play their best football game, and that’s probably the most discouraging thing to that university and to the team and the coaches as well.”

Lou Holtz will never believe that Notre Dame didn’t deserve to be playing in that game, despite this result.  Next fall you can guarantee that Holtz will pick Notre Dame to win the National Championship, again.

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  1. jim
    January 8, 2013 - 

    holtz has been senile for years now. has no realistic commentary about notre dame anytime. like the rest of notre dames fans and voters who put them number 1, living in the past. sec is in a class of their own.

    • john
      January 8, 2013 - 

      Yep, I agree. They are just like those arrogant ohio state and michigan fans a few years ago that thought michigan should get a rematch with ohio state in the BCS championship game. I’m glad that didn’t happen with florida clobbering ohio state for the championship and another sec team annihilating michigan as well. Notre Dame should never had been in the championship game. Sure glad ohio state was on probation or we would have had them and notre dame in the game. What a waste that would have been. Long live the SEC!

      • Jeff Weintraub
        January 8, 2013 - 

        I don’t disagree that Michigan shouldn’t have had a rematch with OSU for the 2007 National Championship, because the idea of a rematch is absurd. But that year Michigan lost to Southern Cal in the Rose Bowl…not an SEC team.

  2. bridgehome
    January 9, 2013 - 

    Plain and simple for Holtz–ND did not deserve to be in this game or be ranked # 1. The truth is Oregon or Texas A&M or Stanford should have been playing Alabama in this game. For that matter having Kansas State ranked # 1 during the season was another joke just like Notre Dame. The eastern media love Notre Dame, don’ t like southern teams, and ignore on purpose Oregon. They pushed K State because some old grandpa was coaching them and it gave them a chance to wallow in a feel good story which they love to have. A playoff tournament similar to basketball would prevent Notre Dame, Kansas State and others from getting into the championship game when they didn’t deserve to be there.

  3. MaDDMac
    January 19, 2013 - 

    Lou I am looking for the bowl of crow you need to eat. Damn man ND got their butt handed to them because they should have never been in that game.

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