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Sportsbook refunding bettors for Monday Night Football game

Update: is only refunding the bets on this game for people who live outside the US.

Most gamblers were not all too happy about last night’s Monday Night Football game that ended on a blown call by the replacement officials.

Going into the last play, the Packers were winning 12-7. The line for the game was 3-4.5 points in favor of the Packers. Clearly those who had bet the points were excited about getting their money.

However, the replacement refs saw the ending of the game differently than most and gave the Seahawks a touchdown on a ‘catch’ by Golden Tate. The final score of the game was 14-12.

According to a tweet by Glen McGregor, is refunding the bet because “It’s the right thing to do.”

This is another example of the unfortunate seasons the fans, betters, and everyone included in the NFL is having. It’s time for the parties to sit down and negotiate their differences. Via Business Insider

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