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NFL Players respond on twitter to last play controversy

The Packers players are revolting on Twitter about the final play and obviously do not have anything good to say.

It wasn’t just all Packer’s players though, other NFL players had plenty to say as well.

The problematic thing is that after the amount of coverage this is getting, the real referees could take Roddy White’s advice.  But even more than that, there are plenty of people that are weighing in the situation, making it even worse for the NFL.  Having this happen on Monday Night Football to the Packers was probably in their top three worst case scenarios.  I’m still surprised that Twitter hasn’t exploded as a result.

And the wonderfully placed shameless plug for the Ryder Cup:

This would be an absolutely incredible change for the future because of this one play.

I am 100% behind the Packers players and the other NFL players on this one.  The officiating has been a complete joke and a black mark on the league.  If you were watching Sportscenter tonight, you would have heard what Trent Dilfer and Steve Young had to say and they were on point.  The league prides itself on the integrity of the game and these officials are destroying it.  They don’t know what the rules are, specifically what pass interference is, and it is time for them to go.  They’ve been reffing Division-2 and Division-3 college games for a reason; these guys couldn’t even get Division-1 jobs.  The game is too fast for them to deal with, and they have no confidence in themselves.

I’m still having trouble believing what has transpired this weekend, it almost feels like a dream.  It has been truly mind boggling and tomorrow will be even more interesting and entertaining.  ESPN is going to be running an all day special where they do nothing but talk about the play and beat it like a dead horse. Not only that, but we have many different opinion columns for hundreds of thousands of sports writers and bloggers across the country to look forward to.  Everybody should buckle up, because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Image: Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

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