Johnny Manziel presents Top Ten on The Late Show with Dave Letterman -
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NCAA Football

Johnny Manziel presents Top Ten on The Late Show with Dave Letterman

To continue with a tradition, the Heisman winner appeared on The Late Show with Dave Letterman to present the Top Ten of the night; which coincidentally were the “perks of winning the Heisman.”  I’m just surprised that dating Sarah Savage wasn’t one of them.

As it has been well publicized, Johnny Manziel was the first freshman (even though he is a redshirt freshman) to ever win the Heisman.  Taking on the nickname “Johnny Football,” Manziel’s meteoric rise onto the college football scene has been nothing short of spectacular.  And although he has had very little time speaking to the public, he did an absolutely stellar job with his speech and then on The Late Show.

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