Tomas Berdych Booed Off Court After Refusing Nicolas Almagro's Handshake -
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Tomas Berdych Booed Off Court After Refusing Nicolas Almagro’s Handshake

There are many codes of conduct in tennis. For example, when a player hits a lucky shot you’re are supposed to acknowledge to your opponent that you understand you caught a break.

It’s also a forgone conclusion that following matches, the two players are supposed to shake each others hands. This wasn’t the case after Tomas Berdych advanced past Nicolas Almagro in the Australian Open.

Berdych, the number seven ranked player in the world, was angry at Almagro during the match for hitting a shot right at him while he was up at the net.  The ball hit Berdych in the arm as you can see in the video, but Berdy thought Almagro was deliberately trying to hit him with the ball.

Rightfully so, the Aussie crowd let Berdych hear it for his poor sportsmanship.

Screengrab via Youtube user SGKID

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