Two Buckeyes Charged With Rape, Kidnapping
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Two Buckeyes Charged With Rape, Kidnapping

Two Ohio State players, Amir Reip and Jahsen Wint, were charged with Rape and kidnapping, during a February 4th incidient:

The woman stopped, moved away and told Riep she didn’t want to continue. Wint then entered the room and asked if he could join.

Wint then allegedly grabbed the woman by the neck and forced her onto her hands and knees and then raped her.

Riep then held her in place by the hips and with his body, while Wint forced oral sex.

The woman pushed Wint away but he forced her again to have oral sex.

 After several minutes both parties stopped and Riep told the woman that she needed to say it was consensual on a video recording.

Riep then recorded her asking if he wanted her face on the video, since she was crying. ”…And he told her no, just say it was consensual” on video recording while laughing at her.”

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