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Republican Presidential Candidates Know Little About Sports

As the BCS National Championship game between the LSU Tigers and Alabama Crimson Tide approaches, the Republican presidential candidates had a debate in New Hampshire on Saturday night and discussed this big sporting game between two SEC teams.

However, instead of discussing each candidates’ position on the economy or health care, the candidates were first asked what they would be doing on a typical Saturday night. Rick Perry answered that he would be at a shooting range. Newt Gingrich then answered that he would be watching the college basketball championship game.

Does Gingrich have any clue that the Championship game isn’t until Monday night, and that there was a pretty exciting NFL game going on at the time between New Orleans and Detroit?

Maybe it’s a good sign that these candidates are clueless about sports, and instead spend their time reading economic textbooks, as Ron Paul responded, or going to a shooting range like the Texas governor.

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