Report: Kris Humphries is Dating Kim's Rival-Dollicia Bryan -
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Report: Kris Humphries is Dating Kim’s Rival-Dollicia Bryan

The drama between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries continues to heat up  with reports that Kris Humphries may be dating Kardashian’s rival, Dollicia Bryan. Apparently, revenge can be beautiful and fun!

Kardashian and Bryan are rumored to hate each other because while Kim and Reggie Bush were dating, Dollicia got up close with Mr. Bush.

“Kim hates Dollicia, because she was rumored to have hooked up with Reggie while Kim was dating him,” explains a Star insider. “Plus, a lot of people in the industry say that Dollicia is the younger, prettier version of Kim.”

Now I know this is gossip, and I would typically not write these kinds of stories, but I kinda like a good Kardashian bashing.

With the NBA back in action, Humphries should be concentrating on basketball, but his dating of Kim’s rival wouldn’t surprise me one bit. These two are just attention-seeking stars, as we clearly learned from their “marriage”.

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