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2014 Michigan football recruit’s selfless act

Michael Ferns is a highly touted linebacker for the 2014 recruiting class out of the state of Ohio.  Ferns is already committed to the University of Michigan, despite numerous offers to other equally prestigious programs, but this is not what this story is about.

One of Michael Ferns teammates on the St. Clairsville High School football team had lost his father two days before their game on Friday.  As Ferns was rushing towards the end zone (he plays running back too), he had nothing but clear space in front of him and was going to score his 12th touchdown of the year; that is until he stepped out at the one-yard line.

Everyone in the crowd was immediately confused, but Ferns teammates knew exactly what was going on.  The play was so confusing that two of the referees actually ruled it a touchdown because they didn’t believe that he had stepped out.  One of Ferns teammates argued with the refs and convinced them that he had stepped out, in order to set the offense up on the one-yard line.

This gesture was all for Logan Thompson, a freshman varsity player who had never gotten a carry in his young career.  Naturally his father’s passing had hit him hard, and the Head Coach of St. Clairsville High, Brett McLean, had secretly encouraged his upperclassmen to step out early to allow him to score a touchdown.

Ferns took his gesture one step further by playing fullback on the play for Thompson, paving the way for him to score his first career touchdown to honor his father.  A touchdown that was scored against their rival, Richmond Edison High School, that sealed their victory.

This is one of the great things about sports, and this is truly a touching moment, one that Thompson will certainly remember the rest of his life.

H/T: Yahoo Sports

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