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New Hampshire school board member calls for entire town to cancel football programs

As its stated in the title, it became public today that a New Hampshire school board member is calling for the entire town of Dover to cancel all of their football programs.  This is obviously in light of all the recent developments and knowledge of the long-term effects of concussions and the violent head trauma that players are experiencing.

The man who brought all of this up is Paul Butler and he is a retired physician.  He says that most of his reasoning is because players lead with their head while tackling, even though they are told not to.  While the rest of the board went into damage control and stated that they were not going to cancel any of the football programs, his comments have already started to spread on a national scale.

Personally, I think Butler is overreacting.  You can get concussions while playing any sport and while football is one of the more dangerous ones, its not as though it is the only sport that players suffer head trauma.  Hockey players suffer just as must trauma at a young age, and nobody has called for hockey teams to be disbanded.  I don’t think anything will come from Butler’s claims and desires, but he has certainly fired the first shot in what will be a lengthy debate in the future.

H/T: Yahoo Sports

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