Detroit Lions place WR Titus Young on Injured Reserve -
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Detroit Lions place WR Titus Young on Injured Reserve

In an effort to rid the team of problematic wide receiver Titus Young, the Detroit Lions placed him to the Injured Reserve, in an effort to open up a roster spot to replace him.

Head Coach Jim Schwartz gave Young an opportunity to work his way back onto the roster before their game against the Colts, but apparently didn’t take advantage of the opportunity.  During his Monday Press Conference, Schwartz said:

“You know, I certainly believe in second chances, there’s no greater story in the NFL or professional sports than redemption and people that overcome situations and things like that. I think we all hold out hope that guys can do that. But you need to make the most of the opportunities you have.

“When you have an issue or you have something that occurs and you do get a second chance and you’re welcomed back, you have to do everything to take advantage of that opportunity. I think in this case that didn’t happen.”

Young has now been away from the team three times in less than a year, and I would venture to guess that he will be cut this offseason.  There is no way that they can trade him, because NFL teams are not big on acquiring locker room cancers or selfish players.  The biggest problem here for the Lions is that the second round pick they used on Young appears to have been a complete waste.


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