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Why sports fans will love Apple’s iPhone 5

Apple unveiled their plans to launch the IPhone 5 today during their media event in San Francisco. Not only did the release make tech geeks excited for the September 21st availability date, but also sports fans around the world.

Here’s why sports fan will love the IPhone 5:

Enhancements to Siri: Siri may become more helpful, informative and interested in sports than your significant other. For example, if you ask her who won a game last night, you won’t get a blank stare, but actually find out the score to the 49ers-Packers game.

Camera and video: The next time you’re at a college football stadium, you can take a picture of the cheerleaders and a video of the action at the same time. The new camera is 8-megapixel and captures photos faster, performs better in low light and has also added a panorama mode with up to 28 megapixels.  Meanwhile, the new 1080 pixel HD video, lets you take photos while you take a video.

Do not disturb mode: If you’re in the middle of watching a really close game and you don’t want the call reminding you of your grandmother’s birthday tomorrow, you can simply put the phone on do not disturb. You can make the phone so that you won’t be notified of a text or phone call during certain times.

Taller screen & faster 4G: The next time you’re kicked out of the TV room, you’ll be able to enjoy your viewing almost as if you were watching a TV. The phone features a 4-inch display and will use the LTE 4G cellular network, making it the biggest and fastest IPhone yet.

Image: Associated Press/Eric Risberg

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