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10 Great Gifts for your Sports Fan

1. Authentic Jersey

Priced in the $250- $300 range, your loved one probably has had his eye on one of these jerseys for quite some time. Although rather steeply priced, this gift will certainly impress your soul mate. Make sure to get the authentic jersey, because every Diehard Sport fan can spot a fake jersey from a mile away. This jersey will keep you solidly in his heart and keep him close to the television, at least through football season.

2. Nike ID Shoes

This gift can be coordinated with his favorite sport’s team. The beauty of this gift is that your fan can have any identification on the shoes (i.e., his last name or his well known nickname of Hugh Jass). You design these bad boys with the intention of drawing more attention to his sporty feet. I don’t suggest that you put his telephone number on these shoes, unless you want him to get that kind of attention.  On average these shoes will set you back about $150 bucks.

3. EA Sports NHL 2012

Is your husband not spending enough time in front of the television? Here’s a gift that will anchor him right in front of the TV for the rest of the year. NHL 2012 has incredibly realistic graphics and has updated rosters. Buy two remotes and he may actually invite some friends over, so that you can have your ladies night out. Priced at $50.

 4. When Pride Still Mattered

You may not live with the most well read man, but this book about the journey of Vince Lombardi might even get your lazy ass boyfriend to open a book. This gift will change the pace of his life, so that instead of falling asleep in front of the television, he may just fall asleep in bed reading a book. Find this one on Amazon for $13. Here’s my review from July, 2011.

5. Tickets to a game

Has your boyfriend been talking all year about how cool it would be to go to the big game with you?! Well, here’s your chance to show you were listening and send him jumping with joy as he opens this one up.  This could be a night out with just the the two of you, or you can let him take his friend who actually knows who the two teams playing are. This could be a potentially costly item depending on the team and sport. He’ll see how much you really love him. By the way Santa, send me Lions-Packers tickets. Thank you.

 6. Subscription to Sports Illustrated

Does your boyfriend get made fun of by his friends for losing all the fantasy sports games he plays? And do you, (oops I mean his friends who actually know sports), think he doesn’t keep up with current sports information? SI can be his cure. Packed with up-to-date sports stories, Sports Illustrated is the best magazine for those interested in every sport. A one year subscription can go for $48, plus you get a free pull over when you call in the next five minutes!


7. Autograph from his favorite player

This one may take some sleeping around with a New York Yankees’ shortstop (or a large wad of bills), but he won’t care how you spent the night if you bring home his man-crush’s autograph. This is something that he will keep on his desk under six layers of tempered glass for the rest of his life. Meanwhile, you can always remember that lovely evening you had with Derek Jeter, and how much it meant to your husband that you were thinking of him.

8. Golf head covers

Here’s exactly what you need for your husband who works too much, makes too much money, and never gets on the golf course. (Does such a man really exist?) This present will give him bragging rights when he hits that five iron three hundred yards, and as he imagines Tony Romo’s cannon arm firing it just as far and fast at Cowboy Stadium.  You can get these for around $20.


 9. Beer Pong table

It’s unlikely that you have a sports fan that doesn’t already have this item. It’s ubiquitous on every college campus, so if your husband has been away from college more than ten years, this is the item for him. It will make him think he’s back in his frat house with his bros, skipping finals and jumping off the side of his frat house into the bushes to break his fall. This table can be bought for $100 on the internet, or if you’re handy here’s a link to make the table for your guy. (Wait, if you’re the woman that is making this for your boyfriend, he’s a loser. Give me a call anytime. I like your style.)

10. Watch

A watch is an unnecessary item these days, so this gift is for the husband that needs to constantly be reminded of the time. A glance to his wrist will prompt him to remember that his family is waiting for him at the dinner table. At the same time, it will charge him to remember to check online for the time his favorite sports team is playing that evening. Buy a watch here.

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