We are all lucky our names aren't Gerry Sandusky -
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We are all lucky our names aren’t Gerry Sandusky

Most people know of Jerry Sandusky, the man who was convicted on 45 counts of sexually abusing boys and will spend the rest of his life behind bars.  Meanwhile, Gerry Sandusky, the voice of the Baltimore Ravens, was very unfortunate (or fortunate) at birth to have a similar name to Jerry Sandusky, but with a G.  This has a lot of people confused on twitter:


Gerry Sandusky with a G is 66 the same age at Jerry Sandusky. Seems unlikely the case.


Poor guy..

It keeps on coming.

At least Gerry is responding well to these tweets and explaining himself. You’ve gotta feel for the guy because he clearly took a hit when Jerry Sandusky’s name came into the news.

Had Gerry Sandusky been in any field other than sports, this probably wouldn’t have been such an issue. How about getting into the medical field, Gerry?

In any case, this Britney Spears fan gives tells us how we need to be treating Gerry Sandusky, the Ravens announcer:

h/t: Land-Grant Holy Land

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