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Ronaldo Retires

Ronaldo Luis Nazário de Lima retired after an interesting 18 year-long career. He is retiring because his body cannot keep up with the speed of the game. I am not surprised at all, the dude looks like he has been hitting the feedbag a little to hard these days. Look at the before and after pics, he looks like he got knocked up by Shaq.  I cant knock on the guy too hard though, the fact that he can still play with young guys is a testament to his skill.  Ronaldo was easily one of the best footballers of all time, and to say that i used to own his cleats in the 2nd grade is an honor.  I lit up rec & ed that year i just wish i could find a picture of them.  Anyway, after 18 season and 4 world cups he is calling it quits.  The guys legendary stats are going to take a long time too surpass to say the least, the fact that he is the highest goal scorer in the history of the World Cup with 15 tells it all.  Overall throughout his professional career the man has netted 420 goals which could be defined as the perfect stat. Just check out the video of his highlights, and take notes…




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