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Lolo Jones taunts paralyzed Eric LeGrand after being asked to race

Lolo Jones has been known to make some bad decisions on Twitter, but this has to be the absolute worst.  Sure she says she didn’t know that Eric Legrand is a former college football player that was paralyzed, but that’s no excuse.  As a public figure, you have to be far more careful what you say if you’re gonna attack someone, after they casually ask you to race.

One of the tweets that she deleted that you can’t see said this, “I race for money or olympic medals… so how much u wanna wager? 40K? Just go ahead and write the check to Lolo S. Jones.”  Pretty cocky attitude for someone who has still never won an olympic medal.

Lucky for her Eric LeGrand is a great guy and he even said to her that he was sorry she was getting so much bad attention, and that he didn’t take her comments too seriously.  LeGrand continues to impress me with his will and his ability to forgive people; he is truly someone that kids should look up to.

H/T: Larry Brown Sports

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