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Tomas Jurco breaks in Darth Maul style hockey stick

A photo of Darth Maul skating around during the Tampa Bay Lightning-San Jose Sharks pre-game has been making it’s way around the Internet and inspired the Grand Rapids Griffins to recreate the stick.  Unfortunately, the photo of Darth Maul is a photoshop, but that didn’t stop the Griffins from creating the stick.

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 12.44.44 PM


The Griffins made a video of their equipment manager creating the stick and giving it to stickhandling wizard Tomas Jurco.  Willie Coetzee did a good job recognizing that the stick was influenced by Star Wars and Triston Grant had a solid suggestion of putting two different curves on it to be an all-purpose stick.  Jurco seems to mesmerized as he begins tossing the puck to himself and twirling the stick like a baton.  The stick obviously isn’t very durable because it breaks in half when Jurco is upset that it won’t do what he wants and he takes a slapshot with it.

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