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NHL Players learn how to live with the lockout the hard way

One of the perks of playing in the NHL is that you never have to take care of your own equipment.  Equipment managers pack your bag, they unpack it, they air out your gear for you; as a player you never have to deal with your own equipment.  During the lockout, this is one of those perks that the players have lost, and some of the players, specifically John-Michael Liles and Paul Stastny, had a few issues this morning.

Both have homes in Colorado and this is where they are staying obviously (Liles now plays for the Toronto Maple Leafs).  Colorado had a massive cold front move through last night, and apparently it came with some snow.  I guess this is what happens when you air your own gear out, forget its outside, and it snows.  #Lockoutproblems.

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