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Jordin Tootoo breaks Derek Dorsett’s nose in fight

Columbus Blue Jackets forward Derek Dorsett was pretty intent on fighting Detroit Red Wings defenseman Jonathan Ericsson.  He knew Ericsson doesn’t fight often and would be an easy target for him.  Red Wings enforcer Jordin Tootoo was there, and stepped in before Ericsson could drop the gloves and one-punched Dorsett, knocking him to the ice. Dorsett was bleeding from his nose when he went down, and in true cowardly fashion, threw a punch at Tootoo while he was down on the ice.  Tootoo was given an instigator and a 10-minute misconduct as well as a fighting major, while Dorsett received a fighting major and a 10-minute misconduct for his punch he threw with the linesman trying to separate them.

I find it absolutely hysterical that Dorsett called Tootoo a cheap player and thinks that he should be suspended.  Tootoo was standing up for his teammate that doesn’t fight that often, whom Dorsett decided to pick on.  And then after Dorsett got his nose broken and went down after one punch, he throws a punch at Tootoo while he’s down on the ice and the linesman was trying to separate them.  Then after the game Dorsett has the audacity to call Tootoo a cheap player? Unbelievable.  Dorsett is just a punk that didn’t get what he signed up for when he wanted to fight on Thursday night.


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