Hilarious accidental collision between Vancouver Canucks' Alex Burrows & Roberto Luongo -
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Hilarious accidental collision between Vancouver Canucks’ Alex Burrows & Roberto Luongo

Late in the first period on Tuesday night, the Columbus Blue Jackets had an odd-man rush on the Vancouver Canucks.  Canucks forward Alex Burrows was doing his best to back-check and cover the man in front of the net.  He must have thought that there was a pass going out front, rather than a shot, because he dove in the passing lane.  The shot went wide and while Roberto Luongo was distracted watching the puck, Burrows slid into him and Luongo knocked his head on the crossbar.  Luongo was a little slow to get up, but he would be fine and stayed on the ice.  I would love to know what Luongo and Burrows said to each other after the incident.


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