Dallas Stars take shot at former player Sean Avery, he thanks them for $16 Million -

Dallas Stars take shot at former player Sean Avery, he thanks them for $16 Million

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On Thursday, #ImGregoryCampbell started to trend on Twitter in response to the fact that the Boston Bruins forward played nearly 40 seconds with a broken leg against the Pittsburgh Penguins.  The hashtag was meant to mention some adversity that you dealt with or overcame and the Dallas Stars took this chance to take a shot at former player Sean Avery.

Avery is now out of the NHL but that didn’t cause him to miss the Stars tweet.  He responded and let’s just say he definitely got the better of the exchange.

Game. Over.

Sean Avery signed a 4 year, $16 Million contract with the Dallas Stars in 2008-2009, but he became such an issue with the team because of some well-documented outbursts, that he was put on waivers.  Unfortunately for the Dallas Stars, the New York Rangers claimed Avery and the Stars had to pay $1.9 Million per year of his salary and suffer the cap hit.  So they didn’t necessarily give him the $16 Million directly, but because the Stars grossly overpaid for his services, Avery made more than enough money.  Well-played, Avery.


  1. desack
    June 9, 2013 - 

    Do these idiots know that Avery played with a ruptured spleen for the Rangers? Or that he was right about Tortorella? Or that he was actually a very effective player in the NHL before the NHL front office, and idiots like the Dallas management took aim at him for saying “Sloppy seconds”? Matt Cooke, Torres and Neal can throw vicious head shot after head shot, and basically nothing happens to them, but Avery talks and he is run out of the league. If any of these idiots actually watched hockey they would have seen that Avery could not be effective anymore, because literally every time he touched a player he got a penalty, even if he was fouled.

    The NHL is unwatchable, and the people running it think they are doing a great job. The Final have two major markets, original six teams, and the ratings are going to be disastrous, like they always are.

  2. Ron
    June 9, 2013 - 

    Cannot agree more. As long as NHL is ran by Stern’s bitch Bettman it is unwatchable, even the finals. I’m very happy that Ratface finally got fired, but if the league can somehow get rid of this midget then NHL would be back

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