13-year-old referee ejects hockey mom and coach -
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13-year-old referee ejects hockey mom and coach

Hockey is notorious for having horrible incidents involving parents at hockey games.  For whatever reason, they can’t seem to deal with the fact that it is just a game.

This most recent incident occurred yet again in Canada, but this time a mother, coach and a player were ejected for verbally abusing a 13-year-old referee.  He was refereeing an 11 and 12-year-old house hockey game.  You can make an argument that a ref shouldn’t be only a year older than the kids he is reffing; but it is utterly embarrassing that people were taking a youth hockey game this seriously.

Hopefully more referees in the future are willing to eject parents and coaches who are misbehaving in order to keep incidents like this from occurring as much.

Here is another brutal incident caught on video where the kid broke his wrist because of the coaches actions:

And another hockey mom acting crazy during a glorified wrestling match:

Note: This story happened in February

Via Yahoo! Canada

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