Vince Wilfork throws a football about 55 yards -
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Vince Wilfork throws a football about 55 yards

New England Patriots DT Vince Wilfork has been an absolute force in the NFL ever since he broke into the league; even garnering the nickname “Wilfork Planet.”  It’s tough to tell just how far this ball travels, but it looks like it hits around the 15 yard line, meaning he threw this ball about 55 yards.  Not to mention the fact that this ball traveled far higher than any quarterback would typically throw the ball; it’s trajectory was almost like a punt.

Now we know why the Patriots only carry two quarterbacks on the roster, Vince Wilfork is clearly their third-stringer.  Sure his throwing motion may be unconventional, but not many people can throw the ball 55 yards without practicing for a very long time.

Via: Terez Owens

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