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Twitter Explodes Over Length Of Ray Rice’s Suspension And Rightfully So

Ray Rice

Once it was announced that Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was suspended for two games for knocking out his wife, all hell broke loose on Twitter and rightfully so. It’s an absolute joke that Rice can be seen on camera dragging his wife’s unconscious body out of an elevator and guys get suspended four games for smoking weed, a substance that is legal in two states.

NFL Network and ESPN treated it like this was a big suspension and that is a total debacle on their part.

“Lenient enough” is not the phrase you’re looking for here, Adam.

John Harbaugh didn’t handle it very well either.

Hopefully Roger Goodell will get a clue some day and learn how to hand out suspensions.

Don’t forget to add Justin Blackmon and Josh Gordon to this list, who have allowed pot to ruin their careers, which isn’t anywhere near as bad as hitting a woman.

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