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Trent Richardson Front Squats 585 pounds

Last year we found out that Trent Richardson could bench 475 pounds during an interview on The Dan Patrick Show.

How much do you bench press?
“I really can’t tell you the truth because I really don’t know the truth. But I did 475 easy, and they won’t let me go above 475.”

Wait, you bench 475?
“Yeah I did 475 easily and they won’t let me go up.”

Now, because of an advertisement for the NFL’s “Everything To Prove” show, we now know that Richardson can front squat 585 pounds.  This photo is a still of a brief clip showing him lifting and it is purely incredible.  It shouldn’t surprise anyone anymore that he is such an effective and powerful runner.  I honestly can’t believe that he is lifting as much as offensive lineman.  The show is on and features 11 rookies and their journey through their first NFL season.

Photo via: @TMeltonScouting

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