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Terrell Owens Agrees to Terms To Play/Co-Own IFL Team

Get your popcorn ready.  Former NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens announced on Twitter Wednesday night he’s going to play and become co-owner for the Allen Wranglers of the Indoor Football League.

“It’s official, it just went down, I’m headed back to Dallas.  That’s right IFL, here I come. Allen, Texas, here I come. I’m going to be me,”  Owens said in a 22-second video posted on his Twitter account.

Wranglers co-owner Jon Frankel said Owens agreed to terms Wednesday night and he was in talks with the former NFL superstar player for several weeks.

“(Owens) has an ownership stake.  This is a business decision. I’m glad everybody looks at the players’ aspects. I can’t believe T.O. will come out of that tunnel for the Allen Wranglers.  He’s a great player, a winner and I’m a big fan.  I want to make the Allen Wranglers the No. 1 attraction in Collin County,” said Frankel.

Wow.  Nobody saw this coming.  Going from the No. 1 WR on the Bengals to the No. 1 attraction in Collin County.

Whether it be for personal reasons, financial reasons, or professional reasons, you have to accept Owens was one of the statistically best receivers to play the game.  He’s second all-time in receiving yards (15,934), fourth in touchdowns (156) and sixth in catches (1,078) for five teams over his 15-year career.

The NFL is a shrewd business with tons of younger talent to take your job.  The 38-year-old Owens has been good as of late, but is notorious for poisioning locker rooms and is coming off of a torn ACL that he suffered while filming his VH1 show.  It is no surprise that not a single NFL team showed up for his well-publicized workout late in 2011.

However sad this might seem, the IFL could actually be good for Owens.  It might finally give Owens some humility and help him straighten his life out.  On the plus side, he now can sign an commercial endorsement deal with Wrangler Jeans, right?  Favre needs to throw someone those passes in the mud.

Link to video announcement

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