Ryan Tannehill Doesn't Know NFL's Division Alignment -

Ryan Tannehill Doesn’t Know NFL’s Division Alignment

During the fourth episode of the Hard Knocks season, rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill surprised viewers when he didn’t know the NFL divisions and the teams in them. Tannehill was confused about which division the Kansas City Chiefs (he thought the NFC East) and the New York Giants (he thought the NFC North) were in.

Tannehill, who scored a 34 on his Wonderlic Test and got his degree in biology from Texas A&M, is apparently so studious that he didn’t have enough time to study up on the league’s of the NFL or watch the games. Via Bleacher Report.

“I wasn’t a huge pro fan growing up; I wasn’t loyal to any one team,” said Tannehill, “so I don’t really know the divisions, and even really conferences. I know most of the conferences but some of those, I really have no clue. And they don’t make sense. You have the AFC East, and we’re freaking in the bottom of the map, and the directions don’t make any sense where the teams actually are.”

This sheds a new light on all of us who pay so much attention to sports. We know the divisions, the players, where they went to college and their stats yet we don’t even play the game. Here’s Tannehill, who has an incredible talent and is part of the NFL, but who has apparently has other interests to occupy him. His wife, Lauren Tannehill, could be one of his interests (photo gallery).

Let’s cut this guy some slack. After all, the Dolphins are going to be pretty bad this upcoming season, but Tannehill is going to be entertaining both on the field and through the rest of the Hard Knocks season. And really, how many of us know anything about biology?



  1. BAYLOR BOY 13
    August 29, 2012 - 


    • Dolphin Fan
      August 30, 2012 - 

      Baylor Bold! lolz

      It must suck to BU

  2. AJ Woodson
    August 29, 2012 - 

    I just called *PESHA* (Wife and Bears fan) into the room the moment I read this and asked 2 Questions: (and I knew She would have to Guess) *KANSAS CITY CHIEFS*…AFC or NFC? North, South, East or West? She nailed them both! If you want to *KNOW* BIOLOGY then be a *BIOLOGIST*…If you want to be a successful NFL *starting* QUARTERBACK then KNOW WHO, WHAT and WHERE your Competition is!

    • AJ Woodson
      August 29, 2012 - 

      …and you wonder why I LIKE MATT MOORE!!!

  3. john conners
    August 29, 2012 - 

    I been trying to tell you genius “dead fish fans” that Tann-e-hill is the second comming of Ryan Lief. I’m just sitting back taking this all in. Amazing how quiet you mouthing a-h’s have gotten. Oh yeah….ya’ll was talking some big smack….now your alligator mouths have overloaded your hummingbird arses ~~~~~~ sperm burpers.

  4. August 29, 2012 - 

    Oh well. Go right on ahead & talk trash about him or anyone ya’ll wish. As soon as you say that non-sense you blunder yourself, and will make a blundered, humanly move/mistake, just like what you said that guy did was stupid!
    That is pretty bad though. He is still a smart guy, & people are messing with QB’s before the season opens? Shames on you… watch yourselves & your smart a’s’.
    What was the team he used to like? I have a reason for knowing them all, but they still confuse me sometimes. The NFC East/North divisions, & AFC same.

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