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Rolando McClain suspended by Oakland Raiders after he posted on Facebook he was getting released

This definitely qualifies as one of the most awkward moments in sports.  Oakland Raiders linebacker Rolando McClain thought he was going to be cut and expressed his relief and excitement on his Facebook page, only to discover the Raiders were going to suspend him for two games for conduct detrimental to the team.

McClain had been in legal trouble earlier this year for pulling a firearm on a man but the case has since been dismissed.  It appeared that McClain had been staying out of trouble, but on Wednesday he fought with his coach Dennis Allen and it appeared that he would be released.  According to, this is what was written on his Facebook page:

“Officially no longer an Oakland Raider!!”

“Well technically I am, but I’m mentally done. Just waiting on my papers.”

“It’s out of my hands right now.”

“I’m gonna weigh my options. Looking forward to playing for an actual ‘team.'”

“I’d like to be anywhere besides here.”

Unfortunately for him, the Oakland Raiders announced that he wouldn’t be released, merely suspended.  Another good reason to not run your mouth before things are official.

H/T: Deadspin

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