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Panthers QB Cam Newton was targeted and possibly hazed at 2012 Pro Bowl

Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton has been in the headlines quite a bit during his sophomore season, and unfortunately for him, none of it has been good news.

During last year’s Pro Bowl, Newton was knocked around a bit by a pass rush that usually doesn’t happen, he was sacked (which hardly ever happens), and he threw three interceptions.  Needless to say it was not a great day for Newton.  Initially it was thought that this extra-stout defense played by the AFC was in response to the trick plays run by the NFC, which included a fake punt and an onside kick, but it looks as though this may not be the case.

CBS Senior Columnist Pete Prisco was the first to unveil this theory that Newton had irritated some of the veterans with his behavior at the Pro Bowl and so they decided to go after him.  He tracked down and interviewed some of the 2012 Pro Bowlers, and it looks as though his theory was correct.

According to several players in the game, some from both teams, Newton’s standoffish, diva ways made him enemy No. 1 in the eyes of some of the players.

“He was a total a–hole,” one AFC player said. “Who did he think he was? He acted like the big s—. Here he was at his first game and he acted like he was the star. Guys didn’t like that.”

This is a huge no-no.  I know Cam Newton has always been a bit of a diva, but you shouldn’t do this around your fellow NFL Pro Bowlers.  It gets worse though.

That player said Newton did the unthinkable and even dissed Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis.

“That’s the godfather there,” one player said. “Can you believe he did that?”

Ray Lewis did deny being dissed, but other players have confirmed that it happened.  How can you possibly diss Ray Lewis?  He helps out almost anyone and is willing to give advice to almost anyone that asks for it.  Newton should have taken this opportunity to learn from his fellow players.  You shouldn’t be stand-offish and isolated, which is exactly what Newton did.  Another player went on to say that Newton wouldn’t even sign an autograph for one of the other players kids.

From what I’ve gathered from this article, Newton missed the entire point of the Pro Bowl event.  It’s to be out there with your fellow NFL players and friends, you get to enjoy a nice trip to Hawaii and meet each others family.  It’s supposed to be laid-back and fun.  But, Newton went and acted like a diva and got himself into trouble.

Prisco also pointed out that it wasn’t a rookie initiation type thing, because when Andy Dalton was in for the AFC, the NFC defensive line left him completely alone.

If you want to see what Cam thought of the experience prior to the game, he gives an interview with NFL Network and discusses hazing at the 20 second mark.  His advice for people?

“Just don’t tell your room number, that’s all.  [Laughs] I think my room number is already out. But, I gotta go, gotta go clear that tab up.”

Perhaps he already knew that he was going to be in for a special treat during the game.  I can’t imagine what type of tab the offensive and defensive lineman would have run up on his room.

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