New Orleans Saints Players Win Appeal -

New Orleans Saints Players Win Appeal

According to Adam Schefter, the New Orleans Saints players have won their appeal, making their suspensions null and void.

While the coaches will still be serving their suspensions, it must be a huge relief for all of the players, families and the Saints Organization that the players have won.  They will now be eligible to play and Roger Goodell will not be able to suspend them.  This is a huge blow to Goodell’s power, and could mean more overturned suspensions in the future.  One thing is certain, Jonathan Vilma is one happy man.

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  1. tophatal
    September 8, 2012 - 

    Goodell  has    far    too  much   arbitrary    power   as  the   commissioner  and   he’s      someone  who   rarely   listen   to     sound   advice   when   given  ,  hence  the  present   predicament  the     NFL   now     finds  itself  on   this   issue,    as  well     the  problems   they   now  face  in  dealing  with  the   referees’   union   .      
    Roger  Goodell  is a  <b>  damn   simpleton  !  
    <b>  Tophatal   …………….</b>

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