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Nike Jerseys too form fitting?

When the NFL switched over from Reebok to Nike, Nike promised to use lighter material that made for a sleeker design and to make the jerseys more form fitting.  Apparently, not everyone likes them.  The bigger players, aka offensive and defensive lineman, aren’t exactly thrilled with how tight they are, because they say that it is making them feel and look fatter than they actually are.  Some players have also complained that the uniforms continually bunch up and they are constantly readjusting them.

Obviously when you change companies, there will be some hiccups and not everyone will be happy.  No one can forget when the Detroit Lions left tackle Jeff Backus had virtually see-through pants on, and every time the players sweat, certain parts of the jerseys get darker than others.

No one will ever be happy when you make a change, and someone will always have something to complain about.  I personally think that the jerseys look just fine, and sales of the jerseys and merchandise are through the roof.  Nike will take some of the feedback and criticism and do their best to keep the players happy.  After their early success, this is a contract that they will do almost anything to keep.

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