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2010 NFL Week 2 Rankings

1. Packers 2-0-0
The Packers bearing a major injury are my current Super Bowl pick.  Defensive end Clay Mathews had a record setting six sacks through two games and leads a stifling defense with Charles Woodson. Monday Night against Chicago might stay close for a half, but I see Green Bay pulling away with that offense.
2. Colts 1-1-0
Peyton Manning dominated little brother Eli and the Giant’s 38-14 week The defense looked impressive after giving up 237 yards to Texan’s Arian Foster. Week 3 in Denver should be another win.
3. Saints 2-0-0
Ranking the Saints behind the Indianapolis Colts really doesn’t make sense. They are undefeated and beat the Super Bowl champs, but I don’t see the same offense that dominated throughout all last year against San Fransisco.
4. Ravens 1-1-0
Going against the league’s biggest mouths, the New York Jets, Bengal’s wide reciever’s Terrell Owens and Chad Ocho Cinco, the Ravens showed their defensive strength. However, I am unsure of the capabilities of the offense. Week 3 should be an easy win against the Cleveland Browns with Joe Flacco’s big game.
5. Patriots 1-1-0
The Patriots failed to beat the Jets, but Tom Brady looks like his old self throwing bombs to Randy Moss and pinpoint passes. If the defense can hold other teams just enough, the Patriots will be fine.

6. Texans 2-0-0
The Texans are showing they are legit playoff contenders, beating Indianapolis week one and coming back from seventeen to beat Washington. Houston has the talent with Andre Jonhson and Arian Foster to take the division from the Colts.
7. Steelers 2-0-0
Pittsburgh will always have a solid defense and this year is the same holding teams to ten points a game. Whether or not Rashard Mendenhall and the offensensive line can hold their ground until  Big-Ben returns, will determine how the remainder of the season pans out.
8. Dolphins 2-0-0
Former Michigan players, Chad Henne and Jake Long are headlines for the Dolphins, a surprising 2-0 start. They beat a talented Vikings team in Minnesota and don’t catch an easy break week 3 against the Jets.
9. Jets 1-1-0
Jets defense has been solid in the loss to Baltimore and week 2 win against New England. The problem however, is whether Quarterback Mark Sanchez, and the offense can produce enough points to win games.
10. Chargers 1-1-0
I am not that high on the Chargers. Yeah, they have solid defense and Philip Rivers at quarterback, but what else? They are missing that one guy that can make the difference (Vincent Jackson). Losing to a inferior Cheifs team week 1 is not good.
11. Falcons 1-1-0
The Falcons played well week 2, crushing the Arizona Cardinals. Matt Ryan needs a good season. He’s on my fantasy team and with the help from Michael Turner, the offense this year can be potent.
12. Redskins 1-1-0
Donovan McNabb may actually be the answer to the lack of quarterback the past years.  Washington did blow a 17 point lead against the Texans, but are showing serious signs they can contend for the division title this year with Dallas struggling.
13. Vikings 0-2-0
Minnesota is have a hard time getting anything on offense going. There’s some talk they want to trade for Chargers wide out, Vincent Jackson, but the asking price is too steep.  Brett Favre seems to have taken a step backwards from last year, which is expected from a forty year old. Adrain Peterson is the hope for the team and will keep Minnesota in most games this year.
14. Cowboys 0-2-0
Dallas could be the one team that really disappoints. I think many football fans wouldn’t mind a sad Jerry Jones, but I think they’ll get it together and recover with all that talent.
15. Titans 1-1-0
Vince Young struggled against the Steelers, throwing three interceptions. Titans need to win games by running the ball more with Chris Johnson, not leaving it up to Young to make plays. Big game week 3 against Giants will determine which team can bounce back from two ugly week 2 losses.
16. 49ers 0-2-0
The Monday Night Game showed me how good the 49ers defense can be. Alex Smith had a sensational drive at the end to tie the game living up to his #1 overall pick, but the Saints ended up pulling away on top because they know how to win games. Week 3 in Kansas City should get the 49ers their first win of the season.
17. Giants 1-1-0
Eli Manning looked awful against the Colts. It wasn’t just Eli, his offensive line couldn’t keep Dwight Freeney in check. The Giants look as though they will won’t live up to high offseason expectations the team had especially with Brandon Jacobs requesting to be traded.
18. Bengals 1-1-0
Cincinnati showed up week 2 beating the Ravens and holding them to 10 points. Ocho Cinco, on my fantasy team, can do damage week 3 in Carolina. Him and Terrell Owens pair for the leagues biggest smack talkers.
19. Eagles 1-1-0
Michael Vick played well against the lions showing a nice touch on his throws. Kevin Kolb is said to have the starting spot back after his concussion, but I am expecting him to be replaced by Vick’s running ability.Eagles defense is not as good as past years giving up 32 to Detroit and 27 to Green Bay.
20. Bears 2-0-0
Bears are flat out lucky to be 2-0.  If you do not already know this, but the NFL has many joke rules, and one of those rules won them a game against Detroit. Week 2 was a good outing against a sloppy Dallas team. Week 3 will be a tough task slowing down Green Bay on Monday Night.
21. Buccaneers 2-0-0
Tampa has to fill a few missing pieces before they can be a viable playoff team. Josh Freeman is a strong armed quarterback that looks way better than last year and he has a good passing option with Mike Williams. Week 3 against Pittsburgh will be the first loss for the year.
22. Chiefs 2-0-0
Chiefs have some good young players but it’s only two games in so don’t put too much into it. If they can beat a good 49ers team week 3 that might get me thinking differently towards them. A name to keep out for rookie of the year is Eric Berry, the guy can make plays all over the field.
23. Cardinals 1-1-0
Arizona Cardinals are in trouble with Derek Anderson as the quarterback. Larry Fitzgerland is the best reciever in the league but won’t get the balls thrown to him without a decent quarterback. This will be a season long problem and a week 3 loss against Oakland will bring a lot of criticism toward Arizona.
24. Seahawks 1-1-0
I hate seeing Pete Carrol in general, and refuse to root for the Seahawks while he’s the coach. Seattle has former Lion’s first round pick, Mike Williams, so yeah, they’re pretty desperate.  Week 3 against San Diego will be a tough game for Seattle to win.
25. Jaguars 1-1-0
Jaguars are going to be decent this year, but definitely not great. Jones-Drew is a solid running back and they have some other options on offense but nothing makes them special. Week 3 versus Philadelphia could go either way, but I expect Vick to have a big game against this defense.
26. Broncos 1-1-0
Denver has been a little disappointing, but I really don’t know what to expect with Kyle Orton at quarterback. Indianapolis week 3 should have the Colts terrorizing the Broncos secondary.
27. Panthers 0-2-0
Panthers are turning to former Notre Dame QB Jimmy Clausen in week 3 against a tough Cincinnati defense. Clausen should be another Brady Quinn, which is not a good thing.
28. Raiders 1-1-0
Oakland can win a few games this year with their defense. I like Rolando Mcclain a lot, possibly for defensive rookie of the year, but Oakland is a year or two away from being contenders. I like them to win week 3 in Arizona.
29. Lions 0-2-0
Lions really got unlucky week 1 against Chicago. Not only did they lose the game, but also their quarterback of the future, Matt Stafford. A tough schedule ahead doesn’t bring me a lot of optimism as a Lions fan. In Minnesota for week 3 won’t give the Lions their first win of the season.
30. Bills 0-2-0
Buffalo kept it close for a half against Green Bay. I liked when they were running the ball with Marshawn Lynch, C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson, but the Bills have no quarterback. That might have to come in next years draft with Jake Locker or Ryan Mallett two talented quys. New England week three is not going to be any easier of a game than Green Bay this last week.
31. Rams 0-2-0
Sam Bradford is the real deal, but has little support on offense other than running back Steven Jackson. They need to get Bradford a big target through free agency or in the Draft. Week 3 against Washington should keep their undefeated season going.
32. Browns 0-2-0
The Browns don’t necessarily deserve to be ranked last after a close loss to Kansas City. I just don’t think they’ll have more than 3 wins this year and likely be the last year for head coach Eric Mangini. Week 3 in Baltimore will be tough for Cleavland scoring a single points against that defense.

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