NFL Network graphic declares the San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl Winners -

NFL Network graphic declares the San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl Winners

It appears that the NFL Network was not okay with the results from Super Bowl XXLVII and preferred that the San Francisco 49ers would be the Super Bowl winners rather than the Baltimore Ravens.  It’s okay, it’s only the biggest game of the year, perfect time to not double-check what you’re reporting.

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  1. A. Lujan
    February 4, 2013 - 

    it takes more then guts for broadcasters to say the Emporer has no clothes. So Very big props to the guys who spoke up. I went to the nfl network to leave a disgusted comment, and got cut off 4 times mid comment….Wow! I didn’t have a dog in this fight, and maybe it was too much to expect a fair and honest game in this day and age of money doesn’t talk it SWEARS. And the officiating in yesterdays game was a big F You to the sport, the fans, and the 49ers. The Ravens shouldn’t celebrate, they should hang their heads in shame. Especially Ray Lewis and his hipocritical religious integrity. He should have been like the kid in the T.V. basketball commercial that tells his coach I touched the ball last. and his team all barks the refs didn’t see that. That kid wanted to REALLY win the game not be given the game. The ravens will take being given the game, and that doesn’t make them champions in any sense of the word it makes them Chump- ions. But at least it gives me a perfect example of how to show the kids in my family how NOT to be. Professional Football has joined the ranks of WWE Wrestling. it makes for a good laugh at best. Mindless entertainment you can’t take to heart. If football is ever going to regain it’s integrity, Challenge rules need to change for penalties and NON calls etc. From pop warner to the guys they call Pros. People need to boycot the game and products. As a Fan-atic it will be hard but i have to make a stand, and not just talk the talk. Hold yer head high 49ers and yer fans you are the real winners of that game. Did any one catch the 49er Harbaugh tell the referee that was holding… and the ref says yeah probably and jim Screams PROBABLY??? Very BAD day for an incredible sport

    • steve bain
      February 4, 2013 - 

      this post was put up by a genuine 49ers fan….. not surprising that he/she is very disappointed that his/her team came up short on the scoreboard at the end of the game…. i agree with the poster in the fact that it seemed that there was an infraction at the end of the game, that wasn’t called—holding in the end zone,,,, however, that is not what lost it for the 49ers….. there are many plays during every game of the season, both regular and post, that penalties are not called that should be called, and many calls that are called that shouldn’t be- it’s part of the game, sorry to say… personally, i am neither a 49ers or a ravens fan, so i can speak kinda objectively. i realize that in a championship game we all expect perfection from the officiating crew… and when we get something below perfection, it seems to be the end of all that is holy. it’s difficult, when you are a true fan, to have your team at the doorstep of a championship, and it NOT happen…. that’s when you start thinking, what would have happened if this had have happened, or what would the outcome have been if that didn’t happen…. history shows us the victorious,,,, and the 2nd place team only has a promise for another chance the following year… if holding had have been called, that doesn’t make the 49ers the champions, it would only have given them another chance, another play…. and who’s to say, that there wouldn’t have been a turnover, or a stop- short of the goalline…. we will never know, because the foul was not called, and it is not part of history…. i guess my point is, the ravens got the break, the foul was not called, and they came away with more points at the end of the game, therefore they, the ravens, are the 2013 superbowl champions.

    • February 5, 2013 - 

      Cry me a river. So, are you that big of a 49ers’ fan and hate losing that badly or to put it another way, just how much did you lose?

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