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Lions Head Coach Jim Schwartz on last play: “Miscommunication”

In his post game interviews Detroit Lions Head Coach Jim Schwartz was questioned about his play call and decision to go for it on 4th down in overtime.  Schwartz’s response is in the tweet above, and it isn’t surprising.  The offensive line moved late, and Shaun Hill looked almost surprise to receive the ball on the snap.

I would have thought that if they were serious about going for it that they would have called a time out to get organized, and so they could execute better.  I personally think it was the correct decision to go for it, given the fact that your defense had played absolutely terribly to that point; and with the way the Lions had moved the ball they could have gotten it.  It was a terrible way to end such an exciting game, and hopefully the Lions can rebound next week. Link to video of play

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