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Guidelines set to control WR Dez Bryant

The struggles of Dallas Cowboys’ wide receiver, Dez Bryant, have been well documented in the recent weeks, months, and years. Whether it is the recent assault of his own mother or a lawsuit claiming Bryant owed $246,000 for unpaid jewelry, there have always been issues with him.

In the wake of his most recent troubles, the Cowboys have placed new guidelines on the talented receiver. On top of having to attend counseling sessions twice a week, the guidelines also include placing a midnight curfew on Bryant, no longer allowing Bryant to drink alcohol or attend strip clubs, and also placing a security team in charge of Bryant to take him to practices, games, and team functions.

Although the guidelines may seem extreme, this is a guy who has had issues as far back as can be remembered but who also has unbelievable wide receiver talent. If you are the Cowboys fan, shouldn’t you be asking why it took so long?

If this is what it takes to get this guy focused on the field, shouldn’t something like this have been put in place when he was first drafted? Hindsight is 20/20 but still, the clues were there.

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