Colts Owner Jim Irsay Presses Luck with Recent Tweets -

Colts Owner Jim Irsay Presses Luck with Recent Tweets

As if being the first pick in the 2012 NFL draft and being the successor to Peyton Manning doesn’t put enough pressure on a player, how about throwing a slightly over-excited owner into the mix to really ramp up the pressure?

During Sunday’s Indianapolis Colts first preseason football game against the St. Louis Rams, team owner Jim Irsay, decided to take to twitter to make his thoughts about the team’s new quarterback, Andrew Luck, known.

That was the first tweet. Next came this gem:

Now, Luck did play really well in the game and his stats show that. On top of that, Luck was poised in the pocket and also showcased decent mobility and accuracy outside the pocket. Keep in mind though, this was a less than average St. Louis defense and it was his first preseason game.

Here’s Andrew Luck’s first pass attempt as a member of the Colts.

There is no doubt Luck has the talent and the skills to play in the NFL, but to say that the legend has begun, this is a stretch. There are going to be games this season where Luck is going to look really good and then some games where he just doesn’t, but what Luck doesn’t need, is added pressure from his owner to make the transition from college to the pro’s even harder.

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  1. Dirk
    August 15, 2012 - 

    Management needs to stop tweeting! It’s like when grandparents get into facebook and twitter. They want to try to feel like they are cool and young, but nothing they say is every good or worthwhile. The only time anybody ever cares about something someone in management says is if they screw up. Seriously managers and owners, leave twitter and facebook posts for the irresponsible athletes that don’t know any better! (Exception: Mark Cuban because he is a little kid at heart.)

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