Chain gang gives Redskins first down but the refs do not -
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Chain gang gives Redskins first down but the refs do not


In a bizarre finish on Sunday Night Football, the chain gang gave the Washington Redskins a first down but the referees signaled for third down.  I’m sure this would have completely changed the Redskins play call after they didn’t gain any yards on the next play, because the play after would have been fourth down and not second down.  Terrible miscommunication by the referees and the chain gang.

As you can see by the marker at the bottom of the screen, the linesman and chain gang signaled for a first down.


However, head referee Jeff Triplette signaled for third down, which overruled the first down. Why no measurement, though?


Like Mike Shanahan, chang gang woman had some words for the ref. Chain-Gang-woman-mike-shannahan

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