Chad Johnson appears on First Take in a cringe-worthy segment -
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Chad Johnson appears on First Take in a cringe-worthy segment

Chad Johnson has been one of the most embattled receivers in the NFL.  Except for Terrell Owens, I don’t think another receiver has been in the spotlight for his personality as much as Johnson.

Johnson was cut this year during training camp by the Miami Dolphins because he was arrested for a domestic abuse incident.  I personally don’t think that the arrest was the only reason Johnson was let go, but it gave the Dolphins an excuse to let him go.

This is just a piece of the cringe-worthy segment that took place Wednesday morning on ESPN that was absolutely terrible to watch.  Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless basically ganged up on Johnson and bullied him to give them a reason why he wasn’t in the NFL and why he should still be in the NFL.  They were both ruthless and Johnson looked on the verge of tears during this “interview.”

Smith was yelling at him and kept saying he was just “asking,” and he even called him “Tad” about one minute into the interview.  To make things worse for Johnson, he didn’t seem to have any real answers for any of their questions.  He did have a good response to Bayless once though, telling him, “that’s why you’re sitting here and you’re not a GM.”

Whoever told Johnson that going on First Take was a good idea was sorely mistaken, and I still hope that this doesn’t deter Chad from making a come back to the NFL next year.

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