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Antonio Cromartie has a message for Tim Tebow fans: “Kiss my A**”

Obviously this message isn’t directly for Tim Tebow fans, but rather it was in response to a question that was asked by a reporter after the game.

I give Antonio Cromartie credit because the media keeps giving Jets’ players the opportunity to throw quarterback Mark Sanchez under the bus, but they keep refusing to do so.

Cromartie also continued by saying, “Mark is our quarterback. At the end of the day, we could give a damn what anybody on the outside has to say. Mark is our quarterback and he’s going to continue to be our quarterback.  There’s not going to be no division, talking about who needs to be our quarterback. Mark is our quarterback and he’s our only quarterback.”

At this point I’m not really sure it matters who starts at quarterback, because I think their playoff chances are completely out the window.  And if I were Jets’ Head Coach Rex Ryan, I would start dusting off the old resume and get ready to interview as a defensive coordinator this coming offseason.


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