49ers Alex Boone to Jim Harbaugh ‘He kicked me in the f****** face’


DHS-Alex-Boone-HarbaughArizona Cardinals defensive tackle Alameda Ta’amu kicked San Francisco 49ers Alex Booner in the face, but it was a result of Boone punching Ta’amu in the helmet.  When head coach Jim Harbaugh went to talk to Boone, Boone exploded and it sent him into a fit of rage.  Boone’s tantrum continued on the sideline and he even ranted about it to Colin Kaepernick.

Alex-Boone-Kaep-Fuckin-kicked-meTa’amu will definitely be fined for the kick, which will please Boone.




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  1. Jakalaka2

    October 31, 2013 at

    Nothing worse than a 300 lb cry-baby on an NFL team? Not to condone someone kicking you in the face but it’s pretty obvious why Ta’amu did it. Looked like a spontaneous reaction to the punch you threw at his face. You got what you deserved & now he loses $$. Have some class big boy (baby?). Not gonna’ happen but apology would be sign of real man!

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