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The 14 worst replacement ref blunders

Now that the agreement between the NFL and the officials is in place and the replacement referee thing is over, let’s step back and look at the highlight moments during the three weeks we endured of replacement officiating.

Some of these are funny, some are sad, and some have blown your mind already.

Hope we all have the patience to look back at this experience with fondness.

Looking wrong way during penalty call

Via 30fps

Reset the what?

Via Guyism

 Banana Peel hat

Via GIfulimination

Back to elementary school: 42 minus 32 does not equal 5

Via Guyism

Is there such a thing as 27-yard personal foul penalty?

Via Business Insider

It’s called a good catch, not pass interference

Via Buzzfeed Sports

Ref tells LeSean McCoy “I need you for my fantasy team”

Giving an extra timeout to the Seahawks

No penalty? Let’s not hurt the players…

Via SBNation

49ers getting two extra challenges

Was this a good call?

Via @Jose3030

Does anyone know what this means?

Via 30fps

At least he knows his colors (1:44 mark)

The final blow to the replacement refs….


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