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Video: James Dolan gets owned by 7-year old

With the recent news that the New York Knicks weren’t going to match the Houston Rockets offer to Jeremy Lin of 3-years, $25 million, Knicks fans and children are irate.

One of those angry Knicks fans is this 7-year old, who by the way, has a pretty good assessment of the Knicks’ President and CEO, James Dolan.

Although he mixes up a few things here and there about Dolan, hats off to this kid for expressing what almost every Knicks fan is feeling right now.

James Dolan is a nut case, the kid is right. Letting Jeremy Lin, “the savior of the Knicks”,  walk and getting nothing in return, will probably haunt New York for a long, long time.

HT: @Bronxoo via @LoHudKnicks

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