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Shaquille O’Neal May Play For Mexican Basketball League

Shaquille O’Neal has made his mark in American by being a movie star, rapper and entertainer, and of course, a basketball player for the Orlando Magic, Los Angeles Lakers, Phoenix Suns and Boston Celtics.

The 15-time NBA All Star and four-time NBA Champion, hung up the laces after the 2011 season with the Boston Celtics. However, according to ESPN Deportes, Shaq may not be done playing on the hardwood just yet.

Sergio Ganem, president of Fuerza Regia, National League team professional basketball Mexico (LNBP) confirmed negotiating with Shaquille O’Neal to play one or two games of the 2012-13 season with the team in October. The manager said they have spoken by telephone with the former player to convince him to return to the court. The response is expected early next week and will depend largely on Shaq’s schedule and his commitment as a commentator .

The invitation came last August when Shaq visited Monterrey to do social work at a community youth center.

Shaq has not yet accepted the offer from Fuerza Regia for next season. Does he still work as an NBA analyst for TNT? He signed a multi-year deal with Turner Sports to to cover TNT’s Inside The NBA.

Fuerza Regia is known for offering celebrities such as, Dennis Rodman and 7′-9″ Chinese player, Sung Ming Ming, basketball contracts, so it should come as no surprise they offered The Big Daddy a deal.

It would be fun to see Dr. O’Neal dominate in the low-post one more time, but I can’t see it happening.

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