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Obama Says: Romney is Jeremy Lin of Politics

Everyone knows that Obama likes to play basketball and is a fan of the game. Obama is also known for using sports related analogies to get his point across. Obama is quoted by a New York Times article saying, that he is the Miami Heat, while Republican nominee, Mitt Romney, is Jeremy Lin.

“No matter what moves Mr. Romney made, he and his team were going to cut him off and block him at every turn. We’re the Miami Heat, and he’s Jeremy Lin.”

This quote happened shortly after a February Miami Heat-New York Knicks game when Jeremy Lin was shut down, scoring only 8 points, on 1 for 11 shooting.

It’s easy to speculate on what else Obama meant as he compares his team to the Heat. The Democrats are the reigning political party and the Miami Heat are the current NBA champs. Should we assume Obama is the LeBron of the team?

But what does Obama mean when he says that Romney is like Jeremy Lin? Is he saying Romney is a showboater; someone who is impressive for a short time and then lets everyone down; or a person who looks good on paper but can’t necessarily follow through?

Linsanity was a very big hit when he first made into the spotlight with the New York Knicks. Everyone could only talk about Linsanity.

Similarly, through the campaign season many people have been talking about Romney’s showmanship and crowd appeal.

Only time will tell if Jeremy Lin and Mitt Romney will succeed in the long-term. Are we talking Romsanity here?

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